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All relationships begin with the relationship with yourself.

Marriage & Family Relationships

Whether the topic of divorce has become an uninvited “guest” in your home or fights with your hormone-crazy teenager are driving you crazy, we can get rid of any and all uninvited “guests” and put your house back in order.

Individual Counseling

You can’t love anybody else until you know, love and appreciate yourself. So, if you’re dealing with self-doubt, fear or even baggage from past relationships, we’re here to free you from the pain and introduce you to the best version of YOU.

I’m Still Single

Living that single life is all fun and games until you want out … but have no idea how to find your soulmate. We’re here to put you on a path to not only find that special someone, but also get your heart and head in order so you can hold onto your “good thang” when he/she arrives.

Metro-Atlanta Based Counseling Services

Dive into the invigorating world of “That Clay Couple,” your guiding light in the labyrinth of love and relationships. Whether it’s matters of the heart, dealing with shame, trauma, anxiety, intimacy, or betrayal, we’re dedicated to bringing clarity and guiding you toward a radiant future.

With over 40 years of combined experience, we’ve been the compass for hundreds of couples navigating the complex terrain of relationship dilemmas. Our track record is a testament to our commitment:

  • We proudly celebrate a triumphant 98% success rate with the couples we’ve coached. Our unwavering dedication to fostering love truly shines through. 

  • Naaila has a track record of empowering women post-divorce, aiding them in managing anxiety, resolving parenting dilemmas, and overcoming self-doubt. Her approach is empathetic and insightful and offers women a renewed sense of hope and self-belief.

  • We inspire individuals to discard the burdens holding them back in their careers, personal lives, and family relationships or grappling with past traumas.

  • Among the couples who’ve undertaken our love-inspired premarital course, only one has encountered divorce after participating in our six-week program. This is a true demonstration of our effectiveness in not just preparing couples for the marital decision but for a lasting marriage.

Do you aspire for such admirable #RelationshipGoals? They’re within your grasp, regardless of where you’re starting from.

If you’re determined to nourish and magnify your love, we’re equipped with the guidance and resources to make it thrive. Recognizing your own worth is the first step for relationship renovation.

With our assistance, a harmonious life can shift from a dream to a tangible reality. We harmonize emotions and thoughts, leading to more fulfilling relationships with yourself and others.

Operating from the dynamic Metro-Atlanta area, “That Clay Couple” provides in-person and online counseling services for individuals, couples, and families. Our individual counseling is a potent instrument that can guide you to better understand yourself, resolve personal issues, and enhance overall mental wellness.

Our influence is global, reaching across five continents and positively impacting numerous lives. Whether you prefer virtual or face-to-face sessions, we support you in constructing your own route to a satisfying life. Ignite your journey toward a brighter, happier future with us!

The Ossie & Ruby Dee of Counseling Got Street Cred!

Here are the receipts!

“I am simply AMAZED with how well the two of you understand me, my thoughts and emotions. I’m not kidding. It’s like everything ya’ll were saying comes straight out of my head and heart.”

“You all saved me from pain and shame…”

“Before I existed as a zombie. It is nothing like having an authentic support system and someone to provide a judgement free zone for one to express themselves and receive positive life-changing feedback. I would greatly recommend Naa’ila. In fact, I have referred several friends of mine.”

“You have helped make the love I share innocent and completely authentic. I’m forever grateful…Thank you.”

“You’re guidance helped me out of a dark situation (Naa’ila).  It has been 2 years and I have not looked back. The amount of joy I feel now that I am finally free cannot be put into words.

“I just want to thank you with everything in me for making me feel like all is not lost. There is work to be done and I’m here for it. You don’t know how many times I wish I had these kinds of conversation with my mother so I thank you for being a vessel for me to reach healing. There was a point where I wanted to end it all because I felt alone and isolated. You brought me back to what’s important.”

“I was ready to leave after 17 years. After three 3 meetings with (you and THE HIM), I get we had it wrong for 17 years. We were married & kept on living like single people. I never saw what we were doing…” 

“Hasan talked to me as a man, respected me as a man and gave me the suggestions this man needed. This was something I’d never had before. I have a father and a good father. This wasn’t because I didn’t have good men around me. I needed it straight. No chaser. Hasan gave me that.” 

“I recommend this course to anyone thinking about getting married and especially for those who already think they know for sure this person is the one. I found out just how “NOT THE ONE” he was by the second session.  They put it on us and brought out the truth.” 

“Two weeks after completing the premarital course we sent someone your way. We could not believe how right you were about us by asking a few questions. You knew exactly what points to hit.”