Why Saying ‘No’ Can be the Ultimate Act of Self-Love

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Having boundaries is a crucial aspect of maintaining viable relationships, but it’s a concept that’s often misunderstood. Many people mistakenly believe setting boundaries means being selfish or pushy, or that it will lead to conflict with their loved ones. However, these misconceptions can be corrected with a bit of education and understanding.

It’s important to recognize having boundaries is not a selfish act, but rather a way to ensure your needs and well-being are respected. Just like you have physical boundaries, like personal space, you also have emotional boundaries. They protect you from being taken advantage of or hurt by others.

A key place folks teeter the line with setting limits is with relatives or a spouse. Do you have a relative you hate to see coming because you’re bracing yourself for the words that come out of their mouths?

Maybe you get anxiety at the thought of going to Bae with a concern because all you hear is it is your fault since you’re the one with the issue anyway. Sound familiar?

Let’s debunk the myth that setting boundaries is selfish. It’s actually quite the opposite. By setting boundaries, you are taking care of yourself and your needs. And when you’re in a better place, you’re able to give more to those around you. Mood all day!

Another common misconception about boundaries is they will lead to conflict. Without them, conflict is fed a steady diet for survival! Let’s starve this beast!

While it’s true some folks may not respond positively to your boundaries at first, it’s important to remember relationships are built on mutual respect. You have to hold to this standard before anyone else. Basically, way too often, the first person to violate your boundary is YOU!

Boundaries are not fixed or rigid. They can be adjusted and negotiated based on changing circumstances or new information. By remaining flexible and open to feedback, you can create relationships that are built on mutual respect and understanding.

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