All relationships begin with the relationship with yourself.

“The Ossie & Ruby Dee of Marriage Counseling”

Metro-Atlanta Based Counseling Services

Whatever your issues are, you don’t scare us! “That Clay Couple” has worked with hundreds of couples and we have a divorce rate of less than 2%. Our premarital education course, has a 100% success rate. To date, not one couple who has completed our course, which was created by us, has divorced. Now, those are squad goals! Wouldn’t it feel good to have those goals and to know how to make the success happen?

We’ve counseled hundreds of folks around the world with clients, families & business partners on 5 different continents.  Due to time differences, we won’t push for work in Australia or Antartica, just yet, but we’re not ruling it out either! If you’re not local, No Worries! All of our Metro-Atlanta based individual, family and marital counseling services are available online. Distance and time doesn’t restrict our ability to access homes, hearts and healing with web-based counseling. We continue to lead our own war against divorce & helping people get their heads & their hearts in alignment to silence overwhelming doubt & hurt. Those loud pains hurt and won’t remain silent. They show up in all the cracks and crevices of your relationships or the people you’re trying to love. It gets gangster out here on these heart highways.

Marriage & Family Relationships

We have less than a 2% divorce rate with our couples. Come on in & make the change. This goes for parents too! Parent/child issues can tear your house up! Waiting it out is not a method for fixing anything!

Individual Counseling

The relationship with yourself comes before all else. Folks wanting  to change the stuff & the chaos between their heads & their hearts with self, & others, seek us. We work through the moments so you can move through life!

I’m Still Single

You’ve lost your way in a job, past relationships or have no idea what way will work for you. Meanwhile, you’re single & struggling to fight out how to get relationships right.  STOP! Get a path made or you.

In our counseling sessions, we shake down the break downs that keep rearing their chaotic head & interrupting your life.These heart highways, adult issues & awkward “hush your mouth” family matters feel tense & require real talk no one wants to really talk about.It is hard to call a counselor and admit you’re sitting outside of the bar, with 3 years of clean time, after a rough counseling session.You want to reconcile with your spouse, but you’ve been holding back on admitting you’ve had 3 affairs because your spouse only knows about one. No judgement from us.

 Your daughter needs help and having a counselor who finds out exactly how she tried to commit suicide gives some uncomfortable, but necessary, ease and a plan for safetyBeing able to text your counselor while sitting pretty, articulate and drenched in sweat from an anxiety attack in the boardroom makes a difference in your life.  You’ve found ways to manage your mental health symptoms, but you’ve married someone who triggers you and they don’t understand how crucial their actions are for you. We’ve got a marriage therapy strategy for you. 

Getting another invitation to a bridal shower while you remain single and having someone to call without being told, ‘Why you hatin’ on folks?” can refocus your thinking in the moment.When you complete premarital education, and decide, I do NOT want to marry her…”, we help you get the right words to tell the other person. We want you to be a lover, not a fighter, including loving yourself. We get  there with authenticity, clinical recommendations, jokes and good old school wisdom. 

Have a staring role in your life and relationships! 

We work with parents, children and teens too! We’ve got kids! We understand the lovely struggles!

Be honest about being stuck!   Go to CONTACT US for your specific concern.

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