All relationships begin with the relationship with yourself.

“The Ossie & Ruby Dee of Counseling”

Marriage & Family Relationships

Whether the topic of divorce has become an uninvited “guest” in your home or fights with your hormone-crazy teenager are driving you crazy, we can get rid of any and all uninvited “guests” and put your house back in order.

Individual Counseling

You can’t love anybody else until you know, love and appreciate yourself. So, if you’re dealing with self-doubt, fear or even baggage from past relationships, we’re here to free you from the pain and introduce you to the best version of YOU.

The Unmarried Lifestyle

Living that single life is all fun and games until you want out … but have no idea how to find your soulmate. We’re here to put you on a path to not only find that special someone, but also get your heart and head in order so you can hold onto your “good thang” when he/she arrives.

Metro-Atlanta Based Counseling Services

Whether it’s love, money, sex, infidelity or some other issue placing a wedge between you and the love of your life, we ain’t scared to help you defeat it.

“That Clay Couple” has been in the “ring” coaching hundreds of couples through some of the most disastrous challenges and when it comes to this “working it out thang,” our record speaks for itself:

  • The couples we coach have a divorce rate of less than 2%
  • Our premarital education course has a 100% success rate
  •  And not ONE couple who has completed every aspect of our love-inspired course has even mentioned the word “divorce” after spending 6 weeks with us

Now, those are some serious #CouplesGoals. And they’re achievable by any couple … even yours.

You see, as long as you speak love and proclaim you want your “good thang” to last, we’ll give you the guidance, resources and tools to make it last forever. 

You can heal the hurt and get back to love.

You can get your head and heart on the same page and bask in marital bliss.

And “That Clay Couple” can counsel you on how to do it. Based on the Metro-Atlanta area, we offer in-person and online family and marital counseling services. We extend our hearts to advise couples, families and folks on 6 continents around the world.

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The Ossie & Ruby Dee of Counseling Got Street Cred!

Here Are The Receipts!

“My husband had emotional affairs so I became too extra friendly too. It spiraled out of control and we were hurting each other for no reason. #ThatClayCouple saved my marriage. I want to be married now and stopped thinking about other men. I’m a faithful wife for all the right reasons. The best reason is because I fear God and I have a good husband who loves me.”


“Two years ago, I walked into a clinic, drained, with no idea that I was about to meet the one person, Naa’ila, that would push me to shed the weight draining me.”


“Before I existed as a zombie. It is nothing like having an authentic support system and someone to provide a judgement free zone for one to express themselves and receive positive life-changing feedback. I would greatly recommend Naa’ila. In fact, I have referred several friends of mine.”


“Naa’ila you gave me a voice, spoke words of guidance and comfort to me when I no longer wanted to live anymore. You gave me the tools to process and redirect my life. You gave me the permission to feel and to be heard, to cry and allow myself to grieve. You also exposed me to the truth, though the truth hurt it was what I needed to hear to move on. You gave me the key that I needed to free myself from the jail I imprisoned my own self in. I am so incredibly thankful for everything you have done for me and helped me with.”