All Relationships Begin With The Relationship With Yourself.

Hasan & Naa’ila “The Ossie & Ruby Dee Of Marriage Counseling”
#That Clay Couple

Hasan & Naa’ila Talk About The Things That Matter To You The Most…Marriage. Business.Mental Health. Parenting. Premarital.

This is where you can shake down the break downs that keep rearing their chaotic head & interrupting your life.

Hasan “THE HIM” & Naa’ila Clay, a husband & wife counseling duo, use God, good common sense & clinical guidance  to resolve the things that matter to you the most…Marriage. Business. Mental Health. Parenting. Premarital.” and all things about relationships!

 We’ve counseled hundreds of people around the world with clients, families and business partners on 5 different continents. Our home base is Atlanta. Due to the time differences, we won’t push for Australia or Antartica, but we’re not ruling it out either! Distance & time doesn’t restrict our ability to access homes, hearts & healing with web-based counseling. We continue to lead our own war against divorce & helping people get their heads & their hearts in alignment to silence overwhelming doubt & hurt.

These heart highways, adult issues & awkward family matters require real talk that we don’t talk about or know how.

Smooth your road! Let’s get this family thing right! 

We work with parents, children and teens too! We’ve got kids! We understand the lovely struggles!

Marriage & Family Relationships

We have less than a 2% divorce rate with our couples. Come on in & make the change. This goes for parents too! Parent/child issues can tear your house up! Waiting it out is not a method for fixing anything!

Individual Counseling

The relationship with yourself comes before all else. Folks wanting  to change the stuff & the chaos between their heads & their hearts with self, & others, seek us. We work through the moments so you can move through life!
Hasan & Naa'ila Clay
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