This is an open letter to our men. The sentiments expressed will not be for everyone, but if your heart twitches…you turn your head sideways…an old memory comes up for you…or you know exactly how this feels cause you’ve smelled it before, let us know!

A Love Letter to Our Men…

Brothers, the intensity observed from women is our disappointment. We are forced to respond to you as we are under your charge. We seek to love and to marry you. We seek your leadership. We seek you to father our children. We want the same good for you we have sought for ourselves, including higher education, jobs & to be held by you at night.

It is difficult to listen to the one I seek to lead me to tell me why he has lapsed in another area. It is hard to hear how the “system” prevents you from being a present parent as we mother your children daily. It is hard to hear how a criminal history blocks you when you made the choice & abandoned us within our community in exchange for the streets. It is hard to hear how we ignore your struggle as we tearfully cry over mug shots, care for your kids, support you through limitations & seek comfort from another man, in your absence, while still loving you.


We want to know you seek to do better & not hear your bitterness. We’ve been buying & borrowing sugar for the house & kids all the while. Add the essence & flavor only a man can so we can all reap from the benefit God intended for you.- Naa’ila © 2013

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