You remember being 4 or 5 years of age with the new and uninterrupted ability to recite the alphabet. We say “uninterrupted” because once you began, all 26 letters were to be gifted to all! And you said it with yo’ chest!
This is an adorable sight to see in young children.
The confidence.
No judgement about the errors.
And when you laugh, and say, “That was too cute!”, the child grins and may offer to display another flawed, but genuine, talent, that no one loves like their parent.

When was the last time you felt this way about your relationships?

No judgement.

And too cute!
Here’s a few gangsta gems to get your game up when working, living, loving and negotiating with others. il_570xN.789264066_8vkh

A is for it AIN’T all about you.

Relationships require you to do more than “understand what the other person said….to hear the other person out…to wait your turn to talk…”. Grown folks relationships listen to the what other person has said, asks questions because I know this is hard for you…but YOU could be wrong about what you think or feel about what was said to you...and looks for ways to give the other person a different experience.

Take a minute and wipe your brow! Many haven’t heard this before. We’ll try to take you slowly.

B is for BUILD.

A relationship is a building together upon whatever the two of you bring with the intent to enhance it for each person. Not one person. ALL Bof’em! Even amongst your friendships, your interactions should be to serve the benefit of each of you. At different times, one has more or other needs. S’ok. That’s real life, but the relationship should be a place of balance, comfort, stability and connection to build upon to be better people. To be better parents. To be better spouses. To be better worshippers. Your relationships are the most basic institutions in your life to build your best self.
There’s a problem when people become great builders. When you have built something together, folks will replace BUILD with BORED. Reaching milestones doesn’t mean anyone has to tap out, to become tired or demotivated.


Relationships are a place to be the little engine that could…over and over again. You think you  can? You can! You accomplish a goal together.  Now, you can do something else. This does not have to be a major overhaul project such as remodeling a house, meeting your savings goals for the year, to take down braids, taking a cruise together or having 2 children within 4 years. The continuity can be as simple as praying more often together, inviting another couple or friend over, frequent check ins, sharing childhood secrets or doing the one or two things your friend or spouse has requested of you repeatedly that you fail to do consistently. The lil’ things mean much.

Coming up with a cool-kid rhyme for reciting your ABC’s as an adult isn’t easy! It’s more about what you do versus sounding cute!

We can give guidance on how to make that happen for you. Until then, keep it ABC simple!

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