Who are Hasan and Naa’ila?

Can you truly make love last forever? YES! And here’s how…

To make the moves & life adjustments in your marriage really stick, we add clinical interventions, old-fashioned wit & wisdom, also known as “real talk” to get you where you want to be in your relationship. Our counseling methods have changed the lives of hundreds:

  • We use a “husband & wife approach” to work with couples
  • We pray our words fall softly on your ears, but we will tell you the truth
  • We break through the lies people tell themselves
  • We tag-team marriage, premarital & couples counseling & coaching to give a balanced man-woman perspective
  • Naa’ila is qualified to counsel & to make referrals for mental health, addiction & behavioral issues
  • We teach couples how to see the cues they ignore & to hear what they selectively mute due to love & emotions

Now, please know we’re not some perfect couple who wouldn’t know a struggle if it hopped in the backseat of our car. Our married endured Hasan losing his sight.

When your husband says, “When I dream at night, I can see. When I wake up, I’m blind.”

There’s no manual or script for how to respond. Only the heart can answer to moments like this.

Since meeting years ago, we’ve been through some things and we figured out a way to get through them together … just like we’ve taught many other couples how to do.

The Story of Us

We did not plan to be together & the plan we did create after we planned to be together, took a life of its own. We plan, but God is surely the master planner! Naa’ila had been working in the social work & counseling field for many years prior to meeting Hasan. Meanwhile, Hasan had been working in the community & was known in the Islamic community for his spiritual guidance with couples.

As Naa’ila was about to graduate with an M.S. in counseling, she wanted to relocate to “Gaw-jah”, from NC, upon graduation. She contacted friends & business contacts who led her in Hasan’s direction for job options. Naa’ila did not know he had an opening for a wife! We later learned we shared the same commitment to community building, to being compassionate & to serving God.

Hasan consulted with Naa’ila to design a curriculum for his manhood development program, which he had been working on for years, but wanted to fine-tune it. Naa’ila knew what to do!
Soon, he informed her of his interest  in her as he became intrigued by the things he learned Naa’ila could do, including cook good Southern food.

That man loves good eatin’!

One day, Hasan asked Naa’ila to describe her ideal man. She did. His response was, “How did you know me? That is exactly who I am!” Do know, this self-confidence about Hasan & his humor has not changed! We laugh together much!

During the courtship process, to conceal Hasan’s identity, specifically on social media, Naa’ila named him, “THE HIM”…in all caps! After marriage, the name stuck. When people met us, they said, “So you’re THE HIM!” And he is still known by this term of endearment by many.

After working our respective jobs each day, we found ourselves at speaking engagements, counseling couples, on radio shows,  talk show hosts, teaching parenting workshops at local schools & sponsoring a quarterly “Brother’s Only Dinner & Dialogue” for local men. Our commitment to community only intensified in our marriage! We remained committed to “getting this family thing right.”

We shared the “couple of conversations”  had with folks on social media as we did our work. Quickly, a global social media family was born & we loved our village right back! Our client base also grew & grew.

Next thing ya know, we looked up & had a full-time husband & wife clinical counseling & coaching business! Keep the referrals coming. When you refer someone you love to us, we take it as a trust & handle with care.

Over time, our clients & audiences continually called us, “The Ossie & Ruby Dee of Marriage Counseling”. This is largely because of the way Naa’ila looks at Hasan as he speaks.

You should see it!

The look is an emotional replica of good old fashioned iconic love.

Hasan & Naa’ila relate to couples in a special way due to our own gut-wrenching & prayerful struggles. Within 2 years after our marriage, Hasan lost his eyesight. His blindness taught us the intensity of forgiveness, trusting in God’s infinite wisdom & accepting each other as we are. The couple has made a deal. Naa’ila will be Hasan’s guided eyes on earth and Hasan agrees to spiritually guide them to a lifestyle pleasing to God. The things we teach, we practice ourselves.

God made sure we had the opportunity to test this love out!

Professionally, we have a combined total of 35 years in social work, HIV education, business management, spiritual development, prison re-entry & the mental health industry, to name a few. Naa’ila has a M.S. in Mental Health Counseling with a slew of trainings & certifications.  We’ve co-authored two e-books.  Hasan has an MBA & is ABD for International Business & Management. We have two teens remaining at home so our parenting journey is ongoing!