Single Ladies,  I need to speak with you privately please. ((Pours Moroccan tea & passes a plate of cookies)). Have a seat. We need to chat a bit…

You continue to have a couple of experiences requiring us to have a


couple of conversations. Let’s talk about things to consider prior to marriage and courtship…

1. The man likes you. He likes your attention. He may not like marriage with you. Don’t seek to persuade him into a marriage he doesn’t want. If he doesn’t put forth the effort to marry you and to create a life with you after the wedding, leave him be. Don’t assume he needs a lil help and you got it. In a marriage, you’ll quickly grow tired of getting it for him. He may marry you now & ignore you later. Some men can’t handle the pressure & cave. Then, you’re abandoned & feel used. Don’t blame him. Check yourself! Let a man be a man!
Isn’t the benefit of a relationship and the nature of a manwhat you want? Wouldn’t it feel good not to concern yourself with some things because he’s got it?

2. Men will lie or “be persuasive” to stop you from talking to other men. If not #engaged, he does not deserve this level of commitment. When a man wants a woman, he seeks to #marry her. If he does not rally you in as his own, he doesn’t mind others tasting your flavor cause he does not want a drink. He will only sip on your time and comforts as long as you allow him to do so. Don’t limit yourself to men who seek to consume your time without contributing to your life long-term. If you want marriage, act like it. When he doesn’t move on! Sure, you’ll say, “But I like his company!” And he probably likes yours also. And that is all. 

3. Talking about #marriage, the #wedding date, kids, outfits…and no setting no wedding date is NOT engaged. It is strumming you along. You’re not a guitar. Don’t be played! Do not allow a man to use you to practice being an event planner.

4. A marriage contract should include the basics & enforceable non-negotiables. A #divorce threat/option isn’t the way to enforce preferences. If a list of the reasons you will leave the marriage is all youhave, your position is weak. You want negotiable terms in a marriage contract, not walking papers!

Many don’t know what to say or how to negotiate. Learn how! We can show you how to uncover what you need to be inspired to be in a relationship. Wouldn’t it be awesome to know exactly what to say to a man about what makes you fall and remain in love without sounding like a dating profile?  This is what the “Ossie and Ruby Dee of Counseling” can do for you.


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