Hello Love Thang Village,

Via social media, we discussed the best ways to argue and a key rule was to not being up the past.

Makes sense right? Not to everyone.

Because of this, we took it up a notch and gave more clarity for not dwelling in old stuff.

Take a peek at the video. Share it with a friend.

3 KEY BENEFITS For GIVING A PASS ON THE PAST- For the married couples in the Love Thang Village!

What if you could put a restraining order on having to re-hear your past offenses? Maybe you’re the one who keeps bringing out the archives because, for you, the old news continues to be present-day. This feels like a never-ending battle!
This video has some “RIGHT NOW” action you can do! Ladies, there’s a bonus. Find out what a man thinks when he’s presented with his marriage record and what you can do.

Want more information like this? Cause the evidence and findings we offer gets deeper..and EASIER for you to do. Come to our relationship retreat in Orlando in July 2019. We’ll give more details soon. ??

For now, watch this video!  


Thank you!
Hasan and Naa’ila

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