What’s the difference between being unmarried and single? Either way, you ain’t got nobody to spoon with, to share the Netflix password with or to come home to after your baby powder has long worn off. And you want some services.canstock16759187

You want to have relations. Sex. And because you’re not married, it’s a sin and the hellfire is not something you’ve put on your schedule. Single people can get you because they can be a lot of fun. For now, we’re gonna start with the men to tell this story, but it goes for everybody who knows somebody who done did it! Single men have time and will call with about a 2 minute notice on a rainy day, as if your hair doesn’t care, and request to meet somewhere they think you want to go. You’ve taken off your bra. You ain’t trying to go nowhere, but single men don’t care! They want to play.

A single man isn’t really looking for marriage. He doesn’t have to. In his mind, he’s THAT DUDE. The dude you have in your head. Every last one of those dudes you’ve ever imagined. When a single man meets a good woman, he won’t recognize her qualities. He won’t een be able to identify them because to him, all women are in the same category. All women offer the same options.  What’s that? Whatever he’s looking for! He’s holding out for sex. An occasional meal. He responds to and sends texts to boost his ego. He 165499098wants a pretty lady to introduce to his cousins. He’s holding out for sex. He wants conversation when bored and another single or unmarried woman will entertain him. He’ll put in the time to make a woman feel enthused and grin a lil’ bit. Shoot! He likes making you smile. He knows his work is working. He’s holding out for sex. He knows the “best option” will take  time and he’s got time. He doesn’t ignore a good woman when she comes along. He doesn’t want a good woman. He desires A WOMAN. He’s single.

A single man doesn’t seek to get his finances in order. They already are. For him. Matter of fact, he may stop texting  with you and then suddenly go silent. He returns. 28 hours later. Late at night. He starts texting again as if he never left the planet. He tells you about the trip he just booked for himself. He offers no apology for abandoning the conversation as he did. For what? He’s single. He’s THAT DUDE. You better act like you know. He’s doing better than his single friends when it comes to employment and structure in his life. Try to get him to like you. Be sweet to him. Then, blackmanwhen a woman responds to a single man, he’ll run because she’s too clingy. You see, she will see this man without a wife and believe Bruh wants a relationship. Or better yet, a whole wfe.

So, now we’ve met THAT DUDE and we can attach a name to the label. How many of you have met a person like this? Dang! That many!  And for this reason, we like unmarried men and women much better. We’ll talk about them next time. After dealing with the single folks, we need to stretch out a minute.

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