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SuperDuper Tips for Building Family

When it comes to biology, the first place you look for relatives is within your immediate family circle. A big problem comes with this. It can be quite restrictive and the reason for it is downright alarming. Almost sneaky. Your family members typically select the kinfolks you’ll interact with and/or create a relationship, especially during […]

Parenting Snafu’s

You’re on top of it. You got a promotion. The laundry is done. Your bills are paid. Your credit score increased and your thighs decreased. Life is leaning in your favor and you know you sizzle like the summer heat. Until it comes to parenting. When it comes to the parent-child standoff, you can’t seem […]

Hit The Reset Button

Hello Love Thang Village,    We’re going to hit the July reset button!    Sometimes you start the year off strong and find themselves in the wrong spot soon after. Maybe it isn’t in a dark dreaded space, but not a place of joy and happiness! We’re using July as the time to hit the […]

Couples…A Mushy Message for You

Hello Love Thang Village! Most of you know us for our edu-tainment. Err’ now and then, couples hafta to “take the edge off”.  We’ve done the footwork and created a fool-proof method to increase your Love Thang moments. Join the vibe!  Has your wife been asking for “date night’…more attention or time alone with you?  […]

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How To Completely Change How Your Praise Is Set Up

THE HIM, my husband, said something to push me to the edge. His words caused me to look at him differently, and ya’ll know, I look at him with a soft eye. When I recall the moment, my stomach pauses a moment, all over again, like it did the minute moment it all occurred. I […]