Three Things Marriage Counseling Isn’t Meant To Do

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  Many folks need counseling and even more folks who need it refuse to go. Within this pool of folks, there are couples who need major “Oh-Ma-Gawd” help for their marriages and relationships. Even less  will plunge into the deep end of marriage or couples counseling. A few couples may be brave enough to get […]

Hater Denial

For some, the worst relationship you’ve got in your life is the one you have with yourself. You get through life, the day or a moment with others, but the chaos in your own head and heart won’t stop. The worry and overthinking continues. And continues.  You feel others are hatin’ on you. In reality, […]

What Is A Love Check In & How To Do It

Sometimes, all your relationship needs is a tune up that begins with the right question. The questions don’t have rehearsed answers and there is no right answer. The right answer is the truth. What is your love status right now? Are you on target with your love goals? Wouldn’t it be cool to know where […]