How Toxic Fam Dim Your Light

You don’t get to choose your relatives. For some folks, you would UN-choose them if you could. Not possible. Blood ties can be confusing as you witness loved ones as very loving people. You have great memories with them from your childhood. You see them do the kindest things for one another. Their image is […]

You’ve Got 4 Months To Live

None of us know how much time we’ve got left on this side of the realm. Only God knows. And we know, fo’ sho, no one will get out of here alive. For many, this feels so scrary. For others, the time on this side is used to safeguard the time in the hereafter. For […]

How To Talk Without Fussing About It

It can be real hard not to say what you want to say in the heat of anger. Telling someone you have to control yourself when feeling hurt, frustrated or witnessing the same raggedy behavior from your husband or wife again will take you to another place. The Sunken Place. Tied to a chair. With […]