About That Miracle You Didn’t Work For…

Couples often have an excuse for delaying marriage counseling.  We’ve heard, “I’m working on my health right now. Once I get it right, I know my marriage will be better.” You’ve surely been exercising your right to unfair arguments, name calling and being pissed at random! A surefire way to add weight and physiological trauma […]

Money, Marriage & Your Mindset

There should be a name for the time frame prior to marriage and before an engagement. We use the term premarital, but it is only in reference to counseling or a form of consultation. If we don’t use this formal service, then what is it called? Typically, the general label is “single.” However, when a […]

The Emotional Divorce Trap

There’s divorce and then there is the period prior to the divorce. This is when a couple typically has not redefined any terms for their new relationship. It is hard to be married, and not be married. Kinda weird…. For men, they express feeling exhausted by the emotional pull to reunite, feelings of guilt for […]