Don’t Accept “Almost Right”! Get It Right!

I often hear, “I am waiting for Mr./Mrs. Right-For-Me…I want the perfect one…I don’t want to be divorced.” No one will be rightly perfect, including you. Ahhh… Yeah you, with the imperfections. Find someone workable and who does not have non-negotiable traits such as addiction, domestic violence and poor ethics. These symptoms kill marriage. Don’t […]

Don’t Let Your Kids Run You! Run Your Household!

Question: I struggle with the influences and students around my son at school. He was suspended last year. I want to stay a step ahead of him. What can I do to make sure he does not become completely lost and misguided by his friends? Answer: The long-term goal is to teach your son to […]


If we want to save money, we create a budget. We may skip Starbucks or another pair of shoes & take lunch to work versus eating out. We use coupons. We sacrifice. We may get a financial planner or accountant. Your lying, lack of faith, gossiping, fornication, depression, infidelity, abuse & low esteem need a […]