If we want to save money, we create a budget. We may skip Starbucks or another pair of shoes & take lunch to work versus eating out. We use coupons. We sacrifice. We may get a financial planner or accountant.

Your lying, lack of faith, gossiping, fornication, depression, infidelity, abuse & low esteem need a budget! How will you skip on reducing your lying? How will you end a sinful relationship that feels good physically & emotionally? How many prayers do you need to increase your faith? Can you stop buying things & buy into you? How will you save yourself from mistreating your husband or wife?

Get a behavior budget! Plan it out! Get counseling. Talk to an elder. Seek spiritual advice also. Be mindful, if you need help with money, you don’t ask your imam for strategy. Request prayer but you have to do the work, which may include professional help.

How much heaven or hell do you want to invest into? Your behavior budget determines the costs!


1. Preparing a man’s plate for him is a big deal!

2. There are specific things required to maintain a ?#?marriage?. Specific things also destroy it. People pick which one to play or to fight with regularly. Choose wisely.

3. Married couples easily ignore how much their marriage influences their children.

4. People convince themselves if no one knows their issue then no issue exists. ((FALSE!!))

5. Men use your “man card” gently. Pulling rank incorrectly causes you to lose your marital connection.

6. A long marriage does NOT mean a good marriage.

7. Don’t forget to be an individual with your own life, interests and purpose. Resentment will build if you don’t.

THE HIM and Naa’ila