To have  a “couple of  captivating conversations” at your event, to begin counseling or premarital education, to get a front row seat for our “Ossie and Ruby” experience or for any programs & services, please call 678.995.3242. We love to talk, especially Hasan!

While we love to hear from folks, we continue to get connections via social media. However, this page will be your best bet!
Reasons for contacting us may be for the following:

  • You want us to come to your city, school or event

  • You’ve got a great idea & we can help you bring it to life

  • You need individual/family or marriage counseling to create awesomeness in your life

  • You have a business idea to pitch to us (Hasan will love this!)

  • One or more of our curriculum development programs will help a family, student, community or person. You know it & we need to meet them. Introduce us!

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