Hello Love Thang Village!

Most of you know us for our edu-tainment.

Err’ now and then, couples hafta to “take the edge off”.  We’ve done the footwork and created a fool-proof method to increase your Love Thang moments. Join the vibe! 

Has your wife been asking for “date night’…more attention or time alone with you? 

And maybe you’re ready, but you don’t want to plan an entire evening on your own.


We got you! Men, she’ll gas you up after this! 

Here’s a place to massage out knots that don’t need to be untied, just loosened a lil’ & get a guaranteed jumper-cable boost on the connection you want with  Couples “Touch-Up” Therapy.

And there’s more!IMG_8390
A 7-course BUFFET meal, a head-turning “He-Said-She Said” interactive relationship rap between men and women and a 45-minute one-on-one session with modest touch therapy with a professional Massage Therapist, Najwa Ahmed. 
The menu is a whole mood by itself. Check it out on the link. The minimum price for a 7-course meal is typically $90 per person. 
Not this time! 
This one-time offer will have you gasp at the affordability and all of the extras! 
And after all of this…then, you can flex about the wondermous evening had by all in a soothing Moroccan-setting at The Cedar Cafe in metro-Atlanta, Alpharetta, Ga. The restaurant will be closed during the event.
This evening will be everything and had to nothing, but get your ticket.

It’s that easy. 

Thank you, 
Hasan and Naaila 
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