What to do with a DIY marriage- A marriage requiring you to do the most.

You could be married for a year or for 30 years and your spouse hasn’t been doing their equal share in the marriage. We’re not talking about the household chores. This is about dating in the marriage.
This is about befriending each other in the marriage.

This is about showing up when family members don’t. 

This is about supporting the dreams ya’ll pillow talked about many nights.

You feel alone.
And have to pay the bulk of the bills and clean.
Your heart will turn bitter, but the sweetness can return. Learn more about some things NOT to do, what you can do and how to cope here!


Remember #MTFOrlando with Imam Shadeed Muhammad and us. That’s a lot of expertise in one room! We’re sure some of you can offer insight too. You have to show up to do so.

It’s got answers for age-old snafus and fun. The retreat isn’t for you, but a few one-on-one sessions with one or both of us could be the remedy. We’ve worked with hundreds of couples on 5 continents. Our success rate means just under 2% for divorce.

Your marriage win could be the next one, but you have to contact us. 


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