I often hear, “I am waiting for Mr./Mrs. Right-For-Me…I want the perfect one…I don’t want to be divorced.”

No one will be rightly perfect, including you. Ahhh… Yeah you, with the imperfections. Find someone workable and who does not have non-negotiable traits such as addiction, domestic violence and poor ethics. These symptoms kill marriage.

Don’t allow hints at personality quirks to give a false perception. What you see could be a benefit for you. We tend to run from things disrupting our comfort zone, even for our own good.

Divorce won’t happen if you don’t participate in it. Sadly, it can be inevitable. Take your time now.
In the meantime, make room in the closet for your future spouse and their toothbrush. Consider where his/her favorite drinks will go in the fridge. Remove papers from your bed. It is not an office!

Mentally and physically transition yourself for a spouse. They may move in!

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