Hello Love Thang Village!

For a whole 5 days, it’s about to be ON! You got it right here!

Folks had a hot love summer while yours was lukewarm or on ice! Let’s get the heat at least on simmer!

We have the most wondermous and FREE stuff for you starting on Thursday!

FREE “Love Thang” Actions For Your Marriage!

Many struggle with knowing what to do or say when in a “Not today” mood with their spouse. For the next 5 days, we have quick and easy blueprint for you to follow to intensify or reduce tension.

Go to our website, (www.thatclaycouple.com) subscribe to our blog/newsletter to learn what to do beginning TOMORROW if you haven’t already! Normally, a cost is attached to this information because it’s valuable and proven to work.

That’s what you want right?

These steps are taken directly from out e-workbook, Change Your Mindset Not Your Spouse. 

Each day has a mindset motion goal to move to you to a more positive place which is followed by an action for you to do. Repeat this throughout the day. If at the start of the day, you’re unable to recall or to find a prior memory to attach to the thought, delay it for later. Don’t get trap-house stuck! Do what you need to do and come back to the thought later. You can use present characteristics, events or an old-school memory. For example, if you exert a great deal of effort to communicate with your spouse right now, think of a conversation the two of you had previously with ease. 

All you need is one! Do this task every day, on good days and bad days of the relationship. This is one of the most basic steps to training your mindset in your marriage. 

Your Thursday Thought: I am genuinely fond of my partner. Task: List one characteristic you find endearing or lovable.

See how smooth and mindset-friendly that is? No one asked you to believe it!  Just put release this thought in your mind! 
Let us know how it works for you! 

Thank you, 

Hasan “THE HIM” and Naa’ila 

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