For some, the worst relationship you’ve got in your life is the one you have with yourself. You get through life, the day or a moment with others, but the chaos in your own head and heart won’t stop. The worry and overthinking continues. And continues.  You feel others are hatin’ on you. In reality, you’re hatin’ on yourself.

You feel you have no support & no one acts like they care about you, but YOU live like you can’t stand yourself. ?You won’t try to do better. You’ve been this way for so long you’re afraid to be better. There’s alot of comfort in this mental devil you know so well.
Fear is powerful. It will hold you back from all the things you see, with your own eyes, & will make you scared to create a life without doubt or stability. Fear will make crisis mode and drama feel safe as these two use their Morphin powers to distract you from your true emotions.

What if you could meet your authentic self and not feel like running away?
You don’t want to know your own value–to see how far you can go on this life. If you did, people would expect you to live up to this principle. Over and over again! And what if you can’t? And what if you could do it, if only every now and then? Wouldn’t that feel better than the way it is now.

But what if you can come really really close to liking your life a Lil’ bit more? Just what if? You can. It would require some work and being honest with yourself more than anyone else on earth. You can do it. Are you ready to try? 

You don’t have to make promises or guarantee yourself permanent success. Just a try.

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