Hello Love Thang Village, 

We’re going to hit the July reset button! 
Sometimes you start the year off strong and find themselves in the wrong spot soon after. Maybe it isn’t in a dark dreaded space, but not a place of joy and happiness! We’re using July as the time to hit the UNDO button for the second half of the year. 
This challenge begins on July 19th and July 20th! 
It is the Managing the Flow Relationship Retreat in Orlando, Florida. We’re flossin’ in sunny Florida with FREE resort ACCESS! No need to put that on replay! You read it correctly!
All of you are welcome because there is something to apply to couples and to unmarried persons. 
Want in? 
Why do you need this reset button?
Simply because you may need a boost incentive to show up in your relationships this summer to carry over into the colder months. No one wants to drag resentment and sadness from 2-3 months prior into the cooler months!
It makes it harder to snuggle with your spouse or to make sure you have the right snuggler with you! Instead of overwhelming you online or with blogs with memes of “What-You-Not-Gon-Do” steps…daily quotes of tips that you don’t know how to apply or…a funny meme that doesn’t apply to your life at all, this retreat lets you walk away with mile-high answers! And a clear mind with all of the crisp Florida air.
This is a learn and apply challenge so each of the 2 days will be spend answering your questions, creating epiphanies and the opportunity to hem “That Clay Couple” or Imam Shadeed Muhammad in a corner for further clarity. When will you get to do that again?

Commit to showing up for the 2 days and you’ll find yourself in a totally different place in ONLY 2 days! 

We also have on-site suites with twin beds for unmarried ladies ONLY. Four beds remain. The couples suites were snapped up like a baby with a bottle within a few hours. Couples will need to reserve accommodations independently. We have a few hotel suggestions for you. 
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