Everybody can’t handle tea  as strong as the one in our cup! download (2)

And here’s why…

This weekend, we, along with Imam Shadeed Muhammad will be combining our super powers together. 
Atlanta will be lit with relationship guru goodies. 
Topics for this weekend include:
1. The 5 stages of Marriage (Identifying which stage you are in) 
2. The 80/20 Rule of Relationships 
3. The Art of Weighing the Good and the Bad of Your Spouse before pulling the plug
4. Creating Boundaries: Teaching People How to Treat You
5. The Key to Fixing Your Marital Problems
6. Re-Writing Your Marital Narrative Together
Whew! That’s that good organic tea mix right there!
Review the video attached for what happened at Managing the Flow in New Jersey in November 2018. Click Video Here!

Guess what?

We plan to spike this relationship tea and take it up a notch for 2019.
Get your front row seats here.
On Friday, we have jumaah together with Imam Shadeed Muhammad delivering the khutbah.
On Friday, the unmarried and single folks will do their thing.
Saturday, the 9th is for couples only!
“Da Couples Goals” games are slap-knee funny!
We will have Moses the Comic on Saturday evening for all retreat guests.
Learn more here!
If it sounds fun and it will be more than it sounds!
Sponsor an individual or a couple for a wondermous blessing.
Many would benefit from attending this retreat and could use your generous contribution.

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