Hello Love Thang Village 

Can you believe July is already here? 
This means half of the year is gone.
Summer is halfway over.

And we’ve more than half of our goals for our Managing the Flow retreats. Yes! We’re tootin’ our horn. Can you hear it! Over 150 couples and unmarried folks served in over 5 cities and next week, we’ll do it again at an Orlando resort. 

Your own relationships and marriages are halfway about gone or halfway where you want them to be. Either way, you got to sprint these last few miles to make it to finish line. 

What will you find when you get there? Truthfully, we don’t know either, but we do know a role we’ve been trying to play since 2018 when we began this journey. 
We’ll be shutting down the website for Managing the Flow Orlando on Monday. Don’t say, “I’ll catch ya’ll next time?” because you have no idea where “next time” will be located. Can your relationships wait until next time?
We’re doing the work and many other couples are  also. It’s mind blowing to see the success. We have repeat attenders for MTF retreats also. 
If you’ve been eyeing any of the retreats, and want to include a mini-vacation, this is an amazing deal.
Look at this place! It’s lovely!
What does this mean other than the resort looks good and you’d feel good being here? 
You have this one opportunity to get this much concentrated fun and a stupendous amount of expertise rolled up like a thick burrito!

You’ll walk away with answers for relationship loopholes such as:
What am I doing wrong with my presentation to a potential spouse? 

Married folks, how do you allow distractions, including other people/phone/social media/work, to take attention away from your marriage? 
Does the way your husband or wife speak to you bust the half nerve you have and how can you replace the nerve and have hope for your marriage? 
Who have you assigned the most blame for your problems and how has this been good for you? 
Who wouldn’t want to know a snappy comeback for all those issues without being snappy! You can!  Learn more here! 
You don’t have to do this alone and we’d love to have you. Oh…and we can’t forget to tell you, we have a couples room available. Yes, you don’t have to get a hotel. Stay on the resort at the luxurious private home. Email us directly at info@thatclaycouple.com for this time-limited, totally wondermous, offer!
Don’t forget your sunscreen! 
Thank you!
Hasan and Naaila 
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