Hello Love Thang Village! 
What we’re about to share brings the biggest smile to our faces! 
It’s the end of the calendar year and many are tying up lose ends or finding new ones to tie!

We’re wondering if you’re like others we know….

Have you spent much time and moments rethinking a plan, guessing, praying, stopping, redoing and focusing on what to do with what is ahead? Take a deep breath and lets look at the options in front of you!

Recently, Hasan had 2 painful knee surgeries. The stories we could tell you about doctors, the appointments, the tests and on and on! This has put us in place. Many said it put us on pause.
Not one bit!
We haven’t stopped, but we remain in the NOW. There are times, we’ve felt prayerful and cautious about what to do. One of the best choices has been not to do too much! We’re feeling more grounded despite the challenges.

We’ve been guiding others to the same joy of mental balance in their head and heart all year long. Hundreds of folks have called,  met, messaged, text and shouted us out to master the relationships that matter the most! Including the relationship with self! 

It’s about to be lit as you become bolder, louder, happier and wealthier with more than money with all of your genius!

Don’t lose anymore sleep about the things on your mind…taking up your brain space and making you eat more…or maybe eat less!

Here’s a brief intro to amazing things coming for 2019!

First, we’re introducing a new “Living-My-Best-Life” service. Everyone can’t do counseling. We get it , but having a place to dump or to free yourself from worries sounds mighty good!

Then, be warned! An options awaits you! 

You see, we’ve considered the needs of everyone without compromising confidentiality or your time. Email and text counseling support.

You thought we were finished! Ya’ll know us. We don’t stop right there! 

Atlanta is the premiere city for 2019. 
We won’t give you too much at one time! Grounding and not taking it all in, but enough to keep you safe within is the goal! Tell your friends.

Sending out hugs to the Love Thang Village! 
Thank you, 
Hasan and Naaila 
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