Hello Love Thang Village,

Someone feels flabberghasted, shocked and overwhelmed because “That Clay Couple” said you shouldn’t get married.

First, that’s not what we said.
We said what we said.

Let’s hone on to this a bit more.
Marriage isn’t the answer for your loneliness. Learning how to feel good solo is. The companionship of marriage enhances it.

Marriage isn’t the answer for getting your bills paid. Working together in a partnership, may be good, but coming to the union with your own innate drive has to be present.

Marriage won’t prevent you from cheating. People get married and commit adultery. This is a character issue for you to resolve with yourself and your Lord.

Marriage won’t stop you from wanting to be with friends. Your friends should be a friend of your marriage.

Make sense? Watch the video and let us know what you think and feel. The common message for almost every matter is “Well…get married. That’ll be good for you.” 
It may be, but how good are you to YOU!

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