Want To Know More About the Insiders Scoop for Relationships, Real Life & Your Real Self?

News Flash! Here’s Your Instant Answer!


Managing The Flow: Marriage, Myths & Me

Atlanta, Ga

With Your Hosts

Imam Shadeed Muhammad


“That Clay Couple”


Folks Who Feel Their Time For Good-Good Love Has Passed Can Get This Secret Weapon!

The Simple Truth is MTF Retreats Always Sell Out Because We Give Results!


Sounds impressive…right? Take a peek at what other guests have said! 

“If you can attend, come. When we walked in, we were about to divorce…It’s not on the table now. I see hope for us.” MTF Jersey 


“We learned other people have the same struggles we do. This was comforting & I learned from them too.” MTF Maryland 


“I can be better about letting my husband know when he does right. The retreat let me see I got locked in on myself.” MTF Atlanta  


“I have to been talking to men all wrong by introducing them to my single self only. I never saw what I was doing.” MTF Jersey 



From the ATLANTA RETREAT, You’ll Walk Away With A Swag Bag Full of Gems


  • Get a Checklist for Ways You Put Yourself on Ice for Getting Married

  • Learn Ways To Put Your Love on AutoPilot In Marriage

  • Rock Solid Ways to Toss Doubtful Feelings In Your Love Life With “Snap-Your-Finger” Tips

  • What Is  Emotional Baggage &  How To Get It Through Security

  • Signs You Might Be The Bubble To Burst In Your Marriage

Quite simply, you leave with a wealth of relationship wisdom!

The only catch is you have to hold your front row seat!



















Unmarried Persons March 8, 2019    5 pm-10 pm 

Married Couples March 9, 2019   11 am- 6 pm

7 pm Dinner & Entertainment FOR ALL Retreat Guests 

(Meal/Snacks and Saturday Evening Entertainment/Dinner Included) 


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