Managing The Flow:

Marriage, Myths & Me

Wildwood, New Jersey

With Your Hosts

Imam Shadeed Muhammad


“That Clay Couple”

Join Us for our MTF 2019 Locations! 

This is where inquiring minds can change relationships by finding

internal dead ends, learn hidden Love-Bang-Blocks,

ways to translate the Love Language Your Bae speaks &

hidden ways you communicate everything, but what you meant!


Too many unmarried folks struggle with trusting the unknown,

the fear of a marrying a “fake” person

& risking the security in their lives already.


Even more married couples feel overwhelmed with the same recurring

bothersome problems, want more unbothered safe love &

feel unheard or lost in their own marriage.


Climbing these mountains alone will given anyone an adrenaline rush! 

Isn’t it time to do something about it with fun at the same time? 

We’ve Got An Answer for You!



Our retreats instantly change marriages!

Our retreats create life-changes for people!




Our retreats create paths for confident love!


SOLD OUT! Join Us for our MTF 2019 Locations! 

Unmarried Persons November 9, 2018   5 pm-10 pm

(Meal/Snacks and Saturday Evening Entertainment/Dinner Included) 

Married Couples (SOLD OUT)  November 10, 2018   (SOLD OUT)  11 am- 6 pm

7 pm Dinner & Entertainment FOR ALL Retreat Guests 


Nadirah Pierre