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Sometimes, you struggle with this. You can’t recall your reasons for being in the marriage. You don’t remember anything special. And we mean nothing. Nada. Zero. Zilch.

EVERYTHING left your memory due to the problems you have.

Oh, you may be able to list some nice traits about him or her. This is NOT what we mean. You will need to think of your partner as someone adding value to your life & to be able to know what this value is. Call the value by name! When you can find characteristics or memories you like, this change your mindset and ignites that FI-YAH love that left the marriage or maybe you never had it. Now, how will all of this awesomeness happen?

We’ve got a sure-fire method that has worked with 94% of couples.riskfree Where else can you get numbers like that and it still be legal? RIGHT HERE! The method is quick, doesn’t hurt and won’t put a side dent in your budget.
This workbook gives you a day-by-day guide with secret weapons to change your mindset & determines how much “stickability” you’ve got in your relationship to pull it off!

Wait! There’s more! This workbook tells you where your gaps are so you can fill them in. Then, the workbook gives you 7 exercises broken down into easy-to-do mind-altering activities for those whose relationship needs the BIG GUNS!

You may already have an “Ossie and Ruby Dee” kind of love at home. Bravo to you! (Insert applause here) If your marriage feels good, then make more warm fuzzies with your “love thang” using this workbook.

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We’ve got a secret! We want to share it, but if you’re reading this, you missed it again. SMH…

So you mean to tell us you don’t want to know the proven way to know if someone is compatible with you & how to get this info without a background check? Cause we can tell ya!

Wouldn’t it be wondermous to tell another person what you need to feel loved & to be loving without sounding like a dating profile?

Don’t you want to get rid of those general phrases such as…”I want someone kind and loves God…and will be affectionate..” Who will really admit to not being kind, having bad table manners, poor money habits and how do you know what is kind to you?

Do you want to know what a red flag is even when it isn’t red?
Signs come in a rainbow array of colors.

Isn’t it time to get rid of that long list of passed-around questions to ask a person before marriage. At this point, everyone has seen the questions and have a rehearsed answer.

Have you been honest with yourself about the reasons you remain single? Yes! You can be doing things wrong!
Our premarital education course, designed by us, covers 8 categories such as faith, extended family, daily functions and sex. This course has a 100% success rate. To date, not one couple who has completed this course has divorced. #winning

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