Need Help?

You want to ensure we know what we’re doing before you entrust us with the folks you love and know. Totally understandable!

We’ve gotten a few awards for our commitment to individual, family and marital counseling, the community and service work. We do the happy dance when folks do what they never thought they could with God’s help and guidance.

It may help you to know that Naa’ila has a graduate degree in Mental Health Counseling and Hasan “THE HIM” has a Psychology degree, MBA and is working on his dissertation.

You may want to know we’ve taken many continuing education courses and stay up on trends in the counseling and coaching field.

You may feel better knowing we have a combination of over 30 years of  experience working with families, folks suffering with addiction, married couples and parents at their wits end and adults re-entering society after serving time.

It may matter to you that we’ve worked with celebrities, homeless families, blended families, families practicing no faith and couples who love God real hard! We’ve been keynote speakers, hosted events and presented on radio shows.

Overall, we try to leave folks a bit better than we met them. Basically, it’s not much we haven’t seen or done. Don’t hesitate to contact us because you think your story  or need will shock us. We’re built more than Ford tough.

You might be interested in knowing that Naa’ila has led group therapy for addiction issues or that we’ve traveled across the country to teach our curriculums, to lead workshops, to be keynote speakers, to train or to be instructors at retreats.

For us, it’s more important to know our families keep in touch with us for 15 years AFTER we’ve helped them. We’ve worked with hundreds of couples on 5 continents and today, we have less than a 2% divorce rate. Our goal is no divorces on our watch!

And we’re real serious about keeping your business confidential and a judgement-free zone. It’s hard enough to come to counseling. No one needs to feel scrutinized!

You tell us what you need.


We find out what you’re willing to do from our bag of tricks and we work and tweak until you see the moments you want to create!

Marriage First-Aid Kit

is our initial flagship program!  It remains popular & well-requested!  It addresses stuff you don’t want to talk about such as trust, personality clashes and even infidelity. It’s  full of remedies like “Stop! Drop And Roll!” to prevent side-eye anger and resentment from being ignited. You’re marriage can be lit in a good way! The 8 Steps of Forgiveness, a key bonus, can be used for any relationship. Forgiving ain’t easy out here on these heart highways!

Living In The Love

is for couples who haven’t lost anything, but want to keep what they have going. A couple will hit a plataeu of “warm fuzzies” that sink to room temperature! This series develops a consistent flow of love within their lifestyle. If it isn’t broken, we don’t fix it! Find more uses for it.

The Selection Process

keeps you from saying, “Oops! I divorced again.” This marriage education program pulls out the core values you need as an individual to function within a relationship long-term. What have you meant to tell your potential spouse, but didn’t really say?   You put yourself at risk of not ever getting this because you didn’t say it right! What will life look like with this person! This program teaches you to identify the behaviors you want to see, to check red flags, which aren’t always red, and to recognize cute sheep in wolves clothing. A few times per year, this class is offered online. Stay close to the website for dates or make an inquiry.

Premarital Education

a 6-hour course, is designed for couples or individuals seeking answers for hard questions such as, “What is this person trying to hide?” or “Will this person hurt me?”.  We discuss topics such as expectations, spirituality, trust and betrayal, parenting, sex and money matters. It is not to help a couple decide if they should marry one another, but to prepare you for marriage. For those outside of the Metro-Atlanta area, this can be done via web. It meets the criteria for Pre-Marital Education in the State of Georgia.Completion of this course can equate to a free marriage license. Ask us how!

If a couple requires an expedited course, an additional fee will occur. We’re talking about those couples calling to request a 6-hour course 2 days before their wedding!

Individual, Family & Marital Counseling

is our direct connect to you. While we always implement aspects of God and faith, we use evidence-based counseling and coaching support using Solution-Focused Theory, DBT and Motivational Interviewing. Naaila, a credentialed counselor, is our primary therapist for counseling. Hasan does  coaching and provides a one-on-one approach for those wanting to hear it straight from him only!

Let’s say what hasn’t been said… Counseling is hard, and even harder for many men to do.

We do marriage counseling a lil’ differently!  With our “Ossie and Ruby Dee” tag-team approach, men don’t feel left out of the marriage counseling journey. Our method is unbiased. No one gets a pass on being committed or ganged up on. You have the benefit of getting an equal perspective from the masculine and feminine energy! Our rare & unique methods create a treatment model for you, manage mental health symptoms & get your head & your heart in alignment!

We have another goodie, for our contractual clients! We make ourselves available in between sessions when real life happens! No additional charge!!! Don’t argue for 2 hours & let it fester until the next session! Call us! We have multiple options you can choose from such as an 8-week “Power-Punch” package for those who need to resolve an issue and GO to a more intense package for those with greater needs. All counseling services are available via online and distance counseling.

For EXISTING CLIENTS desiring to pay for services, please do so here!