Regal Relationship Reminders…from “A Couple of Conversations”- A blog to connect with you.

1. It feels good to give. Blessings and rewards are in it! Sometimes, you do it because you feel good about it. Yet, doing things for another person does not mean it is balanced and fair when we do it with ulterior motives. For example, folks say, “I give because it feels good to me!”. In truth, we give so we can keep a tally! We give because it feels like a “Boss Move” and in control! Giving and receiving should not have any conditions attached to it. It should be done freely and reciprocated. If not, you will feel taken advantage of and begin to feel resentful of the other person. Begin with good mutual intent or it will backfire on you!

2. The way you love yourself will be reflected in the love you give, select and choose to have in your life. When you love you well, you select good people around you. Healthy folks don’t go around with the intent to harm others. When sighted, and in a good place, you will withdraw from this. If you find yourself in the midst of it, it is never too late to recover! It will be about your willingness to follow through on putting up distance or setting limits. Love for you will get you through it.

3. Know your non-negotiables! Everything cannot be a deal breaker! Your spouse will annoy you…may not always use good manners…may be a dreamer…has different values regarding family…makes poor choices with money. Does this change who you are as a person? How much does this behavior abuse the marriage? Or, is it that it frustrates you, over and over again? There is a difference between being irritated and defiled or mistreated, repeatedly, by another. Define your boundaries.

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