Truth bomb: relationships sit on emotional WHEELS often leaving you spinning between frustration, irritation, love, fear, safety, and sometimes, even insanity (Yep, that crazy love.)
So how are you juggling the commitments of business, parenting, relationships, marriage and self-love? While you give that some thought, I want you to know this:

Having even one unstable relationship can put a huge hole in your personal foundation, leaving you to slip through the crack and helplessly pummel into a lonely, loveless space.

Now, whether you’re already there or know that’s a place you don’t want to visit, we’re here to give you the guidance you need to indulge in loving, respectful relationships with others AND yourself.

Just imagine having insider info targeting customized, authentic and sensual interactions because you want to level up your connections with others. You may have cultural, religious or hand-over-mouth family secrets blocking you.

We understand and you’ll never have to worry about receiving judgement from us for being YOU.

Marriage First-Aid Kit

In this highly popular signature program, we’ll address topics you don’t want to talk about such as trust, personality clashes and even infidelity.

The First Aid Kit is full of remedies like:

  • Stop! Drop And Roll! a powerful method we encourage to prevent side-eye anger and resentment
  • Your marriage can be LIT in a good way.
  • The 8 Steps of Forgiveness, a key bonus you can use for any relationship.

We’ve presented this half-day workshop to several groups and faith-based communities across the US. Contact us and your city, group or place of worship will be next. Please know, Hasan will need some snacks!

Living in the Love

This program is reserved for couples who are proactive in their quest to hold onto their good thang. Often couples hit a plateau of the warm fuzzies that sink to room temperature.

This series develops a consistent flow of brazen and bold actions that will rekindle (or keep the flames burning) in your relationship. Now, if it isn’t broke, we don’t fix it. We’re just here to maximize the “working” love strategies you already have in place but may have let slip to the backseat.

This 2-hour presentation is always a guaranteed firecracker with groups and workshops. Contact us to make this happen in your city.

The “Self-Guided” Selection Process

Tired of saying, “Dang! I’m divorced again and I have no idea how this happened?” The “Selection Process” is for you.

Inside this marriage education program, we’ll dig deep into your unspoken value system so you learn how to openly communicate what motivates you to love hard and make it last forever.

What did you tell your potential spouse, but you didn’t really say it as you meant, but you believe you did? How did the two of you have the same conversation and walk away with two different meanings? How have you missed meeting your Ideal Mate because you described traits and not behaviors? This program teaches you to identify the behaviors inspiring you to love , to check red flags, which aren’t always red, and to recognize a cute and smelling-good wolf in sheep’s clothing.

This 6-hour recorded self-guided webinar, with “What-No-One-Talks-About” info is $97.99 with a bonus package full of added gems of wisdom and extras.

Go to our shop now and snatch this red-bottom gem!

Premarital Education

Dis da one right here!
This is the premarital course that began it all. The best part about it is you’ll do this with us, one-on-one. We address those tough “how-do-I-love-you-for-the-rest-of-my-life” questions during this 6-hour course. Be on the winning team before your marriage begins! You can do it now. You’re already curious right! Feel it! Feed the urge to shift your relationship reality right now.

Those who completed this course and followed our recommendations win the marriage marathon every time with a proven success rate of 99.5. (insert fist bump here!)

Our course meets the criteria for Pre-Marital Education in the State of Georgia and the curriculum was designed by us. Course completion can equate to a free marriage license for Georgia residents. Ask us how!

Now, this course is NOT to help ya’ll decide if marriage is the right choice. Instead, it’s designed to prepare you for a lasting marriage.

Whose going to ask the sex questions you want to know, but feel too modest to ask? We will!

Remember the awkward moment from 3 months ago you want to go back to except you feel weird about bringing it up? No worries! You’ve got us to do it for you.

Do you live outside the Metro-Atlanta area? We’re happy to facilitate this course for you in an interactive online experience.

PLUS, you have us on-call for the first 90 days of your marriage. That way, you’ll have the neutral support you need (not your family or your spouse’s relatives) to resolve issues fast. The entire package is $500.00. Payment plans are available. Oh, and premarital education should happen sooner rather than later. For example, please don’t wait until your wedding date to go searching for someone’s criminal history, a secret child, momma issues or other scandalous activities. You can be in the hot seat for this course now. Don’t delay. Folks, often this course has a wait list. Inquire NOW!

Individual, Family & Marital Counseling

Prefer a one-on-one counseling experience? This service is for you.  Trust us to provide faith- and evidence-based counseling and coaching support using Solution-Focused Theory, DBT and Motivational Interviewing. Your spiritual expression can also be included. Individual rates begin at $75/session.

That’s the street cred details you should know. Here’s some real talk …Counseling is hard. And sometimes it’s harder for men.

So, we do this counseling thang a lil’ different. With our “Ossie and Ruby Dee” tag-team approach, men don’t feel left out of the counseling journey. This way no one feels ganged up on or like the other is getting “special treatment.” In our sessions, you’ll get an equal perspective from the masculine and feminine energy. Our rare treatment model gets your head & your heart in alignment! Couples/marriage counseling rates begin at $100/session.

We have an 8-week “Power-Punch” mediation $750 package for folks with an annoying hiccup they can’t work out amongst themselves. For others needing more in-depth transformations, our 4-month supportive packages can be customized for you.
All services are available via in office and distance counseling with payment plans. HSA or FSA also accepted.