We’re gonna keep this all the way real. All relationships ain’t always rainbows and sunshine with a pot of gold. Sometimes, it’s sparkly glitter!
As a couple, we’ve had some days and months to put our own “Love Thang” at risk.
Truth is, if we had a Love Thang Expert to call, like you do, we woulda tried the safety net of someone’s opinion. And guess what? We do! We get some input too.

You see, many want to color this “paint and sip” picture of relationships with your spouse, your family and even yourself. Everyone is slidin’ in on those “haters”…whoever they are… when the real hate should be towards the negative perception we have about stability, love and making it happen consistently.

But, just like with anything else in life, as a couple and individuals, we have WONDERMOUS days and then there are the days when we’re like, “Don’t you have somewhere to go?” This is when we have to flick our own switch and remember to go to each other.

Ain’t that ’bout sumpin’?
On the days, we’re a bit more quiet. Don’t start thinking, “Oh so….when ya’ll not active on social media, ya’ll must be fussin’!” Not at all.
Ya’ll ready to purge with the sage and sip this green teaphoto-1530536306355-1bd7a4113d88?

We got another retreat coming your way so you can go IN to each other. When you start to think, “Don’t you have somewhere to go?”, the answer will be, “Yes! To DC with you Baby!”

Unmarried folks, you’ve heard the stories of bummed out hearts. Your heart does not need to be homeless & running aimlessly. Direct yourself!

Couples, how many times have you been told your marriage is washed up OR…

“Y’all can work it out” without a prescription for what ails your marriage?

?Maybe, ya’ll are good, but a tune up would be even better. ?

The truth is the game has changed!

Our Managing The Flow Relationship Retreats ARE the change.

?If you haven’t already registered be sure to claim your spot below. Limited space available.

The on-site rooms for unmarried ladies have SOLD OUT! However, keep in touch with us, ya never know what we’ll come up with!

?Join us there! 


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