Sometimes, all your relationship needs is a tune up that begins with the right question. The questions don’t have rehearsed answers and there is no right answer. The right answer is the truth. What is your love status right now? Are you on target with your love goals?
Wouldn’t it be cool to know where the two of you would like to end up with your relationship? Sure, there are days when it feels good to go with the flow, but for how long?

Do you want to be a life-long dater or do you want to marry a person you candate for the rest of your life?

Hey…do you have any relationship goals or are we just gonna “see what happens” with us? If the two of you are on the scenic route of the relationship, do you have any idea for what you hope to see?

If not, whatever shows up may be ok for you and if so, is this fair to yourself?

What Can I Ask To Give This Love A Check In? 

Click this link to see how Hasan and Naa’ila do it in a vlog. Hasan was totally surprised and did not know what question was coming his way! How did he do? Let’s find out!

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