Hello Love Thang Village, 
This one is for the ladies and for the men to give us a solid fist bump if we got it right! 

If you follow us on social media, you know we’re all about burying the dead weight in relationships, including the one with yourself. Making it happen is a real shift. The cliche phrase, “Living My Best Life” has to be transformed into reality. No one wakes up like this. 

Ladies, we’ve got a video describing the scenarios women make in relationships, married and unmarried- FROM A MAN’S PERSPECTIVE! 
I asked THE HIM questions and ya’ll know THE HIM. He went IN, but in a gentle information fashion. Review this video Ladies. Then, look internally for a personal assessment. So many have said, “Oh Yeah…I do that…” Or, “My Ex told me I did that. I didn’t believe him.”
Hit PLAY and see what you see. Share with a friend. 

We’re excited to hear the feedback and insight! 

Oh, and a secret for you…our Washington, DC retreat only has a few couples seats remaining. Ain’t no cheap seats! Everyone is VIP! Get in while you can. bit.ly/MTFWashington

Thank you, Hasan “THE HIM” and Naa’ila

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