When mature couples marry you bring all your stuff with you, including your kids, Ex’s, in-laws and the not-so-favorite Auntie. All of these equal the normalcies of life and become the starter-kit for the new Love Thang you’re about to create.

The merging families come together for the sake of you. These folks don’t know one another. They may have had a few introductions over time, but nothing makes you family more than…well, being family!
Your family members line up for the sake of you! The line may be crooked at time. A person may be assigned a buddy for the line. Someone else will jump out of line. And it is all ok!

You will learn how to manage over time. For folks who struggle in this area, no worries. We’ve got on our superhero capes. Help is on the way!

Here are some surefire tips to consider from us:

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