It’s more than hard…it’s daym near devastating to accept a parent will never be able to parent you or friend you.

When your parent has been absent during your childhood, somehow, you manage. You don’t have a choice. Children will continue to believe a parent will do right by them once this happens…or once someone else does something…or once someone moves to a different city…or once a certain amount of money is locked in… and on and on. Who doesn’t want to believe something or someone is blocking parental love?

Children, addicts, Trumpsters and roaches are some of the most resilient parts of the creation! They will keep believing despite the facts in front of them. For a child a real news flash of truth about a parent’s absence can cause feelings of inferiority. Feeling like the ideas you’ve built your value on is a farce feels like a low blow. Abandonment. Unworthy. Rejection. Unwanted. Unloved. Getting help to maneuver these places is key. 

When presented with the raw and nekkid truth of who your parent is, and you see, as a person, you don’t really like them…can be the horse pill you spit out. After living a life of not having your parent, and as an adult, seeing your parent incapable of being your friend due to their pride, intolerance, lack of compassion and overall lack of acceptance for who you are as an adult is a kick to your inner child. You ask yourself, “Are you not able to befriend you or do you choose not to?”

Which is it?
Either way, the answer yields the same results.
The way to end your own suffering and to cease presenting opportunities for this “Aint-Gonna-Do-It” parent to show up for you is for you to accept them as they are. Which is another horse pill to spit out and may require insight and hugs to do! 

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