Elevate Your Feelings

By Not Lying About Them 
Increase Your Confidence In A Judgement Free-Zone
Create the Fearless Relationship You’ve Delayed Having 

Another awkward career change, your draining divorce, the confusing thoughts about life, your adult children who won’t grow up and the things you’ve heard about yourself all of your life keep you afraid of your own glory…cause you to feel your unmet dreams are for someone else and your heart and wallet will always be broken.

Within 3 months, create personal wealth coins can’t buy through these practical monthly & weekly classes designed to compassionately lead you to purpose defined by you.

Laser in on messages learned from negative events that keep you stuck 

Discover my “If-I-Talk-About-It-I-Will Cry-Story” where I reveal my own struggle with messages in my head

Tap into the 6 proven methods of SELF-COMPASSION to unleash the Worthy Woman You are (In 12 Weeks You Will be FIYAH!)

These classes are conveniently held virtually and through recorded webinars for you to activate at your leisure.

Your guaranteed weekly classes easily serves wins for you, a Worthy Woman, in 3 months.

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  • As a bonus for Worthy Women, get my personal email address to rid uncertainty with assignment
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Class Begins August 8, 2018 at 8 pm

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