I birthed three children of color & I don’t want anyone to kill them. Please. This morning, on their way to their summer leadership program, I reminded them of their flaws & the 400 yr old grievances they unknowingly carry. Children, it’s hunting season & it ain’t for deer meat! They’re killing our children of color. And I can’t tell my daughter she’s safe because ?#?ItemadAlmatar? was arrested for “reckless behavior” because she was a ?#?Muslimah?, “walking with a backpack looking straight ahead.” ?#?SandraBland? was unarmed. ?#?MoniqueTillman? was 15, on a bike & tased by cops in a mall parking lot.
And ?#?PhilandoCastille? was compliant and murdered. ?#?DylanNoble? was compliant, on the ground with hands up and murdered. ?#?TamirRice? was obeying his desire to be a boy by playing on a playground. He was guilty of innocently thinking he could publicly play with a toy gun while Black.

In a sweet slow, almost-Negro-spiritual-like tone, we used to tell our sons to be respectful, explain your every move, don’t talk too fast, don’t make jerky movements & do what the cop says. It doesn’t always work when the crime is being “Black & Might Be.” You might be guilty of something. You might be holding a gun. You might be a killer. You might be wanted for charges. You might be a gang banger. You might be the next hashtag.

The instructions to them now are, “Don’t do nothing or be anywhere the cops need to be called. And if they come around, don’t wait for nothing to pop off! Start recording!” We also know you can get attacked for recording, but we’ll take that L. Sons & daughters, the person in the blue may be real cool & nice when wearing another color. With the tragic combination of a badge & blue, your life and safety ain’t the priority.

Now, to my children, have a good day at the program. Listen to your instructors. Your color has no blame. You’ve done no wrong! Your colored skin is used as target practice. The real target is your mind which is encased in a protective shield of colored skin. Fight back by using it.

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