Mahn….if you want to know what we did this year, we’ll tell you, “Survive!”

Love Thang Village, we put so much effort into being healthy, checking in with our family, doing the most to keep the kids from losing it and to keep liking each other.

And we got good at it while being together more than we wanted to be. God knew we needed to be.

We mastered the art of our Love Thang at home in a whole lockdown. We spent more time with one another than ever before in our lives. Many days, other than the sound of a game console, a cat’s meow in the house and the smell of bakhoor burning, won’t nothing happenin’ at our house. We loved on each other and cared for on a plateau larger than life.


This is our personal gratitude list for 2020:

  1. We kept our faith in God. (Won’t He Do it?)
  2. Naa’ila started walking weekly and worked her way up to 11 miles.
  3. Hasan traveled to visit his sick sister. ALONE.
  4. Baby Boy graduated from high school and with an Associates Degree.
  5. Baby Girl found a new hobby she made a hustle!
  6. We got a new car. A NEW NEW car! Not a car that’s new to us.
  7. Our family spent more time IN THE SAME ROOM.
  8. Most meals were eaten together.
  9. We played with each other until someone got annoyed.
  10. We learned to give a side eye to restaurants we once loved for the purpose of good health.

Number 10 was hard ya’ll. We love good food!

Our persistence for health remained firm and we held to the rope of, “I ain’t eatin’ that. I don’t know what they coughed up in there.” THE HIM has an autoimmune disorder so caution was key.

Then, as parents, we released many have-to’s. You have to bathe. Pandemic or not, no one wants to smell you! You have to study for school. You have to do something to remain social, virtually, or a physical activity. You have to do your chores, but other than the deadlines given by your professors, time specifications were tossed. For us, there were enough limitations in the world. Did anyone really need a set time to have the dishes done? However, when Baby Girl started washing dishes, with all of that banging, at 2 am, guidelines were given. Dat’s too much! That’s what teens do…stretch you and the limits!

We urge you to create room to squirm, to flex and to have the freedom to love one another with all of the comforts needed. You deserve it.


Thank you much,


THE HIM and Naa’ila