How To Talk To Each Other During a Pandemic

Love Thang Village,

Ya’ll told us that you’ve been running out of these to talk about with your spouse. When you have found words, often they didn’t feel like the right ones as they didn’t create the “That’s It” vibe you wanted.

You try and start all over again. We’ve got a quick time investment for you to try. Let’s slash the time you spend looking for the right words in half with a these prized and proven scripts. These questions are for the faint at heart. This is for grown and married folks!

Love Thang Talk for Couples 

  1. When I touch you, how does it feel? Do I feel strong? Or slow and gentle? How would you like me to touch you differently?

  2. What is your favorite type of foreplay? What type of foreplay kills your arousal? Is there a part of foreplay you’d like us to work on?

  3.  Do I neglect to touch your favorite places? Is that true for us? What are some of your favorite places?

  4. Would it help if I asked you what do you want and need?

  5. Do you feel embarrassed to ask for stimulation from me? If so, what can I do to make it easier for you? I want to please you as best I can.

Now, if you get distracted by the children, news, last minute “TO DO” chores, get back on track quickly. You can pick these questions and put them down as needed. Don’t rush! Good things take time.

An FYI for you, successful couples spend a minimum of 3 hours together weekly. Make sure you get yours in. Want to hear what others have said when using our “Whoa!” words with their spouse?

No worries! We got you.

“Counseling has brought me and my husband closer than ever and our relationship is better than it has ever been and is continuing to make us better people…”

Now, go ahead and do that!

Let us know how it works out for you!

Thank you

Hasan “THE HIM” and Naaila

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