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Reasons You Should Go To Bed Mad

“I’m upset and you’re going to go to sleep?” “You don’t care about me at all. How dare you?” “You never want to talk about anything anyway!” “So, you want to go to sleep with this problem right now?”       The long-standing script for “Don’t Go To Bed Angry” has to be rewritten. […]

Rules for Handling Resentment

Hello Love Thang Village! We’re telling our business today! Don’t ya’ll tell anyone what we said! This is between us! No really! This is a village of folks seeking relationship mastery on all levels.   Learn what we did when resentment showed up in our own marriage.  It’s all there-in this video! https://youtu.be/U5BMBBUFqLE And what about […]

Marriage Ain’t Always the Answer

Hello Love Thang Family Member, Ya’ll see how 2020 is fallin’ in on us! We’ve got a relationship reminder to carry you into the last days of 2019. Did anyone have an elder who’d say, “We’re living in the last days…” THE HIM and I surely did!  It’s only the last dasys of 2019 we’re referencing! […]

Can I Get Some Love?

Hello Love Thang Village, “Hasan and Naa’ila, how can I get more affection in my marriage?” We get this question sooo often.  And from that, we have a few questions. Does your husband or wife believe they’re affectionate and you’re missing it?  Another question asked is, “Hasan and Naa’ila, can you help me find someone […]

SuperDuper Tips to Build Your Family

Hello Love Thang Village,  Opps! The summer is almost gone. You have time to get in those last minute trips, cook outs, plans and wear out your summer sandals! We’re gonna tell you what Naa’ila did to make a mad dash for the “bucket list’ this summer…. Ya’ll gather round…We feel like some of you […]

Summer School For Parents!

Love Thang Villagers,  You’re feelin’ yo’self and doin’ big things.  You got a promotion. The laundry is done. Your bills are paid. Your credit score increased and your thighs decreased. Life is leaning in your favor and you know you sizzle like the summer heat. Until it comes to parenting. When it comes to the […]