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You Have Work To Do…Sensually!

  Hello You, Your relationship is in full effect and you need to get to bidness! If you’re unmarried, your relationship prep oughta be “ON” right now! Either way, if you’re a part of the Love Thang Village, you knowing praying for better days without any work doesn’t work. Part of your mind is wondering, […]

Coping With Not Having Hugs

  Hello You, It’s another day and another month of the pandemic. Another one. And there was another one. And another one. Many believed after the first lockdown, we’d resume our normal lives. It hasn’t happened in its entirety. Naa’ila hasn’t seen her mother, except virtually, for a year now. She speaks of missing her […]

Say Bye-Bye To Bad Words

Soo… we’ve had another busy week working with the Love Thang Village. Our folks are the best ever.  Being even better is waiting for you. Last week, we had laughs, ah-ha moments and love connections, but beyond that…one thing became eye-opening for us. HOW YOU SHOW UP MATTERS.  You see anyone can make love promises, […]

SLICK Ways To Be Better Without Being Extra

It’s January  2021. Give God all the praise. Somebody did not make it. You did! Somebody doesn’t have good health. You do! Somebody doesn’t feel like smiling. You can! Somebody doesn’t feel loved. You can give love! Somebody can’t read this email. You can! For today, this is gon’ be all about what you can […]

Is This For You Today?

It’s crazy how folks look at what other people have and want the same thing without even considering it may not be for them. Have you ever seen someone be someone about the blessings of another person? Or, when they hear about another person’s “Aw Yeah” moment, they don’t hooray or toss confetti in the […]

Work Less and Get More…

Ya’ll in it to win it… So how do you make sure you win every time? Hello Winners in the Love Thang Village!  This village is full of winners! This is the momentum on this Love Plateau! We’re about to pour the tea on how you can love more and stomp out anything keeping you […]