This Will Get You More

Hello You!

You gotta hear the things we learned from our family vacation in Puerto Rico. First, I struggled to get THE HIM home. You think I’m playin’! This dude was checkin’ for apartments, but he was willing to come home with me.

First Lesson: If you want great ideas, let your brain recharge. We got so much inspiration while allowing our minds to chill out. And you gotta do the same with your relationships. Don’t keep’em so serious.

Lesson Two: Time is priceless. Value your time. Of course we run a business. We want to deliver the service and products we promise, but we’re checking out a bit more. For example, if it’s a national day when many things are closed on American soil we’re likely gonna be also. Don’t say we ain’t tell ya! We’re tired of friends and our children being home and available for the love and a cookout and we have to work.

Lesson Three: The small stuff matters. One of my best moments on vacation was the day I walked to a nearby Walgreens and KFC. I bought a Gatorade, snacks and a 2-piece dinner. Don’t judge me!
Then, I sat on the shore of the Caribbean ocean, by myself, for hours. This small $10 moment boosted my spirit.

Lesson Four: Get a room for yourself while traveling! Sure, we shared a room on vacation, but the moments when we didn’t wanna, we didn’t. THE HIM was able to dig into the arctic temps of the air conditioning unit as he chose and I sat in a room next to the waterfall. Our desire for together, and individuality, was met. It made us like each other more.

If you’re ready to flood your life with small tips for life-changing relationship renovation, including the relationship with yourself, we got you covered.

See ya’ll next time,

THE HIM and Naaila