We made a few promises to ourselves for the end of the year.
We agreed not to accept new clients after November because folks often cancelled during this season.

We wanted to save time for reflection.
To review our accounting.
To spend time with out-of-state family.
To assess what we did as business owners that worked.
To get goals for next year.
Praise God we hit ALL of our business goals for the year. Ain’t God good? YASSSS!

We kept the promise to ourselves for reflection, but God came in and saw, “Ya’ll need this time for something else.”

We haven’t been able to move as we liked due to illness. The family we wanted to visit is transitioning to the other side. However, we know God has the only say on someone’s last breath.

We have no idea about our accounting results right now. We have spent time with family, but not the time we wanted with each other. We’ve had raw, painful, good, and long talks with our emerging adult children.

While we are glad we had the foresight to set aside time, God decided what we’d do with this reserved time. His plan is much better.

This is where we need to be. We needed to sit still. Right where we are. Reflect in our natural circle. Take deep breaths in the space we create for ourselves on a daily basis.

Taking staycations, trips and getting away is good. What we learned is when you take a pause in the space you’ve created for yourself on a daily basis, it forces you to look at what you surrounded yourself with regularly. You can’t run away from that!

Are you content with what you allow in and to live in your space?

See ya soon,

THE HIM and Naaila

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