Can I Get Some Love?

Hello Love Thang Village,

“Hasan and Naa’ila, how can I get more affection in my marriage?”

We get this question sooo often. 

And from that, we have a few questions. Does your husband or wife believe they’re affectionate and you’re missing it? 🤔

Another question asked is, “Hasan and Naa’ila, can you help me find someone to marry?”

Ahh…we struggled with this one ourselves! With God’s grace, paying attention to life lessons and giving pause, we learned real life tactics to make better decisions.

Listen to what others have said who’ve gotten answers from us…


…I remarried in February to an amazing loving brother. This is the final stop for both of us….” 


“… I’m thankful for the space Im in now. I didn’t realize it would come this soon, but my grieving period is over…I wanted to give you and Brother Hasan the credit you deserve…the storm has passed and I’m healing…” 

Aren’t these two great things to say and to feel?

You can send a message to yourself and to your relationship to make it feel like, “Heyy…this is what you said you wanted. I got it!”

Show yourself you can resolve your own issues without too much effort or work. Invest in products and services that don’t FEEL like work. Sure, some lifting will be involved with any relationship, but nothing over 25 lbs!

If it feels heavy or overwhelming, who doesn’t feel naturally want to turn away.

Imagine a Home Depot commercial. Even if you aren’t a homeowner, the they make you feel like you can get a project done in a matter of hours. All you have to do is visit the store and buy their stuff! The commercial never mentions the snafu leading you to a YouTube search for help!

If you never heard the good news upfront, you wouldn’t even consider it. Home Depot doesn’t lie. They simply make it look easy. We have one up on them! Our testimonials show you a possible best-case scenario for you.

Love this? Feelin’ like you may be able to hammer a nail into a relationship repair?

Go visit our products page at to get your tool kit!  This link has many solutions! Get yours! 

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