What You Want Expires If You Don’t Move Now!

Love Thang Village:
FACTS: As a couple, we don’t have to constantly read a book or watch a video to recover from problems or to generate the marriage we want.
In the pic below, we were at one of our many yearly retreats. What the picture doesn’t show says much more.  A few moments after this was snapped, a man present at the event, said, “THE HIM is treated like the KING! You mesh…”

What you can’t see is I was caressing Hasan’s neck. He was in pain and despite teaching a class, I could see it. I went to him to give him comfort and to bring him a drink. I said nothing! I noticed his condition and responded. This is meshing.

Previously, the night before we had a disagreement over swim trunks. Yasss! Swim trunks! You can’t tell in this picture and when we spoke to each other, publicly or privately, you wouldn’t be able to tell. Resentment doesn’t live here.
This is #TEAMMESH!
We worked. We laughed. We ate good.
All while being a normal husband and wife with real life issues. The difference? We do the guaranteed work we speak of to you!

We’re a regular couple known as the “Ossie and Ruby Dee of Counseling” who knows how to work the marriage work.

And you can do the same.

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