Are You Frazzled About the Past?

Hello Love Thang Village,

Via social media, we discussed the best ways to argue and a key rule was to not being up the past.

Makes sense right? Not to everyone.

Because of this, we took it up a notch and gave more clarity for not dwelling in old stuff.

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3 KEY BENEFITS For GIVING A PASS ON THE PAST- For the married couples in the Love Thang Village!

What if you could put a restraining order on having to re-hear your past offenses? Maybe you’re the one who keeps bringing out the archives because, for you, the old news continues to be present-day. This feels like a never-ending battle!
This video has some “RIGHT NOW” action you can do! Ladies, there’s a bonus. Find out what a man thinks when he’s presented with his marriage record and what you can do.



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