Summer School For Parents!

Love Thang Villagers, 

You’re feelin’ yo’self and doin’ big things. 

You got a promotion.

The laundry is done.

Your bills are paid.

Your credit score increased and your thighs decreased.

Life is leaning in your favor and you know you sizzle like the summer heat.

Until it comes to parenting. When it comes to the parent-child standoff, you can’t seem to draw your parental weaponry kit! Your child is quick on the draw. Their behavior is a knock down fight in the Wild Wild West for you.
At least it feels like it.

You’re determined to get a win. We have a few suggestions for you to switch with a quick flick of the wrist. Turning your language around is a step to changing behavior. We make no promises for your child’s reaction, but you gotta begin somewhere! If you’re feeling lost and need to adjust hat brim, we do that too. 

Be careful… Say, “What do you need to remember?”

I keep telling you the same thing… Say, “Would you like to do it on your own or have me help you?”

You should know better… Say “What did you learn from this mistake?”

What’s wrong now?… Say, “How can you take care of yourself in this moment?”

Now, there’s a second half to this. Don’t allow your son or daughter to give you an open-ended answers with the intention of putting you on ice.
Make an inquiry. Ask for specifics. Find out what their plan is. Do you need a parenting plan?
You have to teach the skill set you want to see.

Let us know what happens! 

THE HIM & Naa’ila 

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