Coping With Not Having Hugs


Hello You,

It’s another day and another month of the pandemic.

Another one. And there was another one. And another one. Many believed after the first lockdown, we’d resume our normal lives. It hasn’t happened in its entirety.

Naa’ila hasn’t seen her mother, except virtually, for a year now. She speaks of missing her smell and her touch. This type of loss feeling lonely and isolating.

Precautions must be taken for the elderly and vulnerable populations. On the other hand, there are young adults using their own standards for interacting with others. This can be hard  when you want to hang out with friends and they decline. Or, when you want to meet with friends, but you have your own preventative measures urging you to stay home.

While these principles make sense to you, it hurts. The separation can cause depression, anxiety and feelings of grief.

Many choose to remain in touch virtually with video calls. This surely helps. Naaila has seen her mother a few times via video. While this was heartwarming it also served as a reminder of not being able to see her. Thus, the blessing was bittersweet also.

During this time, give your sadness a voice. Say how you feel to those you love and miss. This experience is a form of grief for the loss of the life you once had. Admit how you feel. Believe it or not, this also gives others the consent to speak their feelings also.

Until we get to give each of you a good Southern hug, please be safe.

See you soon,

Hasan and Naaila

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