16 Free Pages of Marriage Words of Wisdom – You Want One?

What chu doin’?


In our neck of the woods, we’ve staying healthy, working, loving on each other, flexing with new counseling certifications and Hasan had another surgery.
This means we’re blessed.

Everyone in our home is alive, waking up on the same spiritual path and on speaking terms! That’s sayin’ alot!

We got a few things for our married and unmarried folks coming through. Unmarried folks, your “Aw Shucks!” gift comes next month. Everyone, please move back and give the stage to this goodie-packed content.

Couples, at the end of the day, err’body wants to feel safe with their spouse, loved by their spouse and to not get riled up by some unnecessary bull! #MarriageGoals!

We tossed around an idea for guidance on how to apply small steps we teach in a compact, but not too overwhelming, 7-Day journal. If you could feel like more cuddling and a coolness to your eyes more often when you saw your spouse, would that interest you?

We’re all for keeping our busy lives running without a hitch, but to not add hiccups between us.

Hit that link! You’ll find “A Weeks Worth Of UnContested Love” Couples Journal.


There’s one hitch! It’s always a catch ain’t it? Please tell us about the conversations created and the pop-up moments evolving from using the journal.

Thank you much,

Hasan “THE HIM” & Naa’ila

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