Rules for Handling Resentment

Hello Love Thang Village!

We’re telling our business today! Don’t ya’ll tell anyone what we said! This is between us!

No really! This is a village of folks seeking relationship mastery on all levels. 

 Learn what we did when resentment showed up in our own marriage. 

It’s all there-in this video!

And what about you?

Resentment poking its head through the blinds or stalking your head and heart?

Got a family member or friend who hurt you and the nerve to act like they don’t get what he or she did?

We’re here to show you how to get more of what you want from your relationship or from yourself after someone disappointed you!

Hold on to the webinar ride to take place on Thursday and get:

… one of our well-known “nuts and bolts” plans for changing your resentment mindset

…questions to ask yourself to asses internal feelings

…”Drive and Survive” patterns fueling resentment

Get Instant Access  to with immediate “Can-Do” Methods for a resentment remedy with us, That Clay Couple. We’ve dealt with resentment, personally and cured it professionally! This link does it for you!


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